Thursday, September 11, 2008

Zoo Mug Layout

This is a sample assignment I did for Nanco Nancy Toys to be considered for a job. I still haven't heard back from them as they may not know till the end of October how many people they might hire for contract illustrators. The woman who interviewed me really liked my work so we'll see.

Minnesota Zoo Mug- Illustrator
July- 2008

Click to enlarge....

Friday, September 5, 2008

hello....hello hello hello

Oooh! I'm updating on anna's new iPod touch! It's proving to be a pain!
I'm not going to let this journal go to waste I've decided to use it as a journal and art blog. Though I could make a new one for life stuff,
that's no fun though.
This one finger typing sucks.
to be quick, life is a bit crazy right now but my financial status is improving in a week or two, my love life is in termoil, and artwose I'm doing very little. I did, however apply for a concept illustrator job for a toy and souvenir company. I won't find out about it till october. They really liked my work quite a bit.

Okay, goodbye for now, maybe a more in depth post will come shortly. Maybe it will include art?