Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh Man.
I have spent the past two days doing nothing but trying to prepare 5 silk-screens to actually silk screen them for the Illustration T-shirt sale. It's driving me nuts! But, I finally have 5 very nice silk screens, and I'm semi-excited. Mostly to get it all over I think, but I'm definitely learning a lot.

I finished the Gorilla, and the car pieces, images will be up when I can find some spare time.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Two color pieces!

Ooooh, I have two color and gouache pieces to put up!

This first one is to illustrate a World Record. This guy, until 1994, had the longest hair. He was a Thai Shaman and believed that some of his powers came from his hair.
I also threw this into InDesign and designed a page around it as it was to be a spot illustration. When I find that file I'll throw it up here.

And I just just just finished a flyer for The Other Winter Sale. I'm happy with it. Though I wish I had left more room between the text and the border. Well, there's still time.

The original painting is
And a larger version of the flyer is
here if you really want to know all the info and go.

Mmmm, so tired.
I'm going home to get ready to feast.

Bulk Update! Sketch sketch sketch

So, there are no finished pieces for this update. All sketches. Though I will readily admit that I should have started these. I got a bit caught up with Student Government stuff this past week and took a day off to go to the best Pot Luck I've ever been to. mmm, food.
You're even going to get to see some color work! Well, sketches. Unfortunately a lot of my color work is in colored pencil and doesn't scan well, so I haven't gotten around to putting that up yet. :(

These are some links to sketches for a piece where I had to chose a friend and do an illustration with them as a famous fictional character. I chose my friend Shannon and she is going to be Little Miss Muffet.
Sketch 1
Sketch 2
And since the final sketch is so little, here is is!

I'll probably do a variation of the last two sketches. I'll crop in closer but I'll show the bowl. I got in a little bit of an "argument" about how the final should look with my professor. I plan on doing it in colored pencil and watercolor. I feel it suits the piece.

The second pair of sketches I have is for a piece that will be on/in scratchboard when finished. We had to sketch for an image that could come from a film noir book titled, If The Cement Shoe Fits.

I was stuck for awhile and friend mentioned I should draw robots, so I did.

Which is nice and fun and all. I doodled some more, and I really like how the bad guys always get their "just deserts" if you will.
So I sketched a car, run down, old, and forgotten in the woods:

I feel that the car will be much more interesting to look at and is more appropriate for scratchboard.

And the final sketch I have is for something in which I need to have a gorilla in an unexpected place. Thus, "Gorilla Unexpected". I need to put in two people, probably children fumbling for money to try and win the Gorilla, but other than that, this sketch got some good feedback and was well liked.

The finished piece with be done in gouache and the gorilla will be done with block print.

Expect all of the finishes next week! That's quite a bit eh?

In the meantime, this gorilla has something to say....

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dream, and My Mom finishes

These are two finished pieces for a class.
This first we had to pick someone we cared about, and incorporate three things that help explain why we care about them and do it all in stipple!

This is my mom. She's pretty awesome.

Coffee, PJs, and a Cat- November 2007
Black Prismacolor Microns

And two details, since, well, there's a lot of detail!

And for this next piece we had to illustrate a dream or nightmare we have had with black and white acrylic.
This was a woman I found in a room in an abandoned hospital in one of my dreams(note, NOT a nightmare).
Creepy, I know. But fun to paint! there are several things in this one I plan to fix.

Belly Button Window- November 2007
Black and White Acrylic
and a detail...

Tomorrow I'm walking across Boston taking photos and sketching for Degree Project, so there should be a lot of those up shortly.
Stayed tuned!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


So I had tried to scan in my colored pencil work, which is a large portion of my portfolio, for anyone who knows my work. It was a horrible experience. Colored pencil on toned and textured paper does not scan well, at all. At least not on the flatbed scanner at my school :( I just might cry. I think I'm going to have to just take really nice photographs. I think it has something to do with the wax within the pigment and the variegated surface of the paper making the light reflect oddly. If anyone knows how to work with this, please let me know, because I really don't want to feel deterred from using my favorite medium :(
Some bus sketches should be up shortly, and a few more finished pieces.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

39 Bus Sketches

My degree project is based on travel, so I'm keeping a travel journal.
Beware, I might be drawing you on the 39 bus!

This woman was sitting next to me, then she moved in front of me. She knew I was drawing, so I think she wanted to be drawn, people are silly :)

Kimya, Vacationland Maniacs, and Mud.

Kimya Dawson- October 2007
Black ink, white acrylic ink, and acrylic paint.

Vacationland- September 2007
Black ink and white gouache.

Bad Day 2- September 2007
Black ink and brush