Monday, December 10, 2007

Greener Cover

The final for Illustration 4 was to do your "dream job", what you'd ultimately like to get paid to do. I'd really love to do comic covers, so I decided to do the cover of my InPrint comic(the comic I'm doing over Christmas Break). I like everything except for the man, I'm going to have to redo him or something. He's just too... lame. I also had decided to not put a background in behind him because there was so much other stuff going on and I really didn't want you to know where he was, but I may have to go in and add a vague light background. We'll see. Other than that I'm really satisfied with this piece, surprisingly.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Degree Project

I finally scanned Degree Project images!
My project is based on travel, in all of it's forms. Overall it is mostly based on everyday travel, or day trips. To be even more specific I want to focus on the people at these places rather than the places themselves. I want to try to convey the feeling and essence of each piece and the spirit of traveling with friends, whether to school, work or on a more extensive trip.

My first piece is a collage of pictures from Rockport, Ma with my roomate and friend Pat, and from Marblehead, Ma with my other best friend Caitlin. It's in probably my favorite medium ever, colored pencil.

Rockport and Marblehead, MA- Colored Pencil
September 2007

This next piece is of a man who carves decoy birds which are definitely more art pieces in and of themselves. I've been to the Wellfleet Oyster Festival two years in a row and he's been there both times. He was wonderful.

Wellfleet Oyster Fest, MA- Watercolor and Colored Pencil
October 2007

B&W Cement Shoes, Gorilla Claw, Pinocchio

Tons of finishes. I'll do it in two posts. One Black and White and one for Degree Project.
Here's the finish for the scratchboard for the hypothetical book called If The Cement Shoe Fits

If The Cement Shoe Fits- Scratchboard
November 2007

And here's the finished Gorilla Unexpected piece.

Gorilla Claw Machine- Block Print and gouache
November 2007

And for your viewing pleasure, a close-up!

And here's a touched up version of a piece I did at the beginning of the semester.
We had to do a pen nib and ink children's book illustration. I chose to do a scene from the original Pinocchio story. I tried a lot of techniques I was unfamiliar with so I wouldn't mind redoing it and making it more unified.

Pinocchio- Ink
September 2007